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제목 [기본] Dubai Derma 2016 ** AGENDA ** 날짜 2016.02.23 14:58
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Meditech.co.Ltd. is happy to inform you of our exhibition news as below.

?Vaginal Tightening and whitening/skin tightening machine. The most effective Er:YAG technology, And Fractional Co2 Technology , Non-surgical way for treatment

Matrixell (Micro Fractional Erbium Er:YAG Laser) Special option for OBGY(Tightening Vaginal)

Eraser-Cell RF (TUBE Fractional CO2 Laser System) Special option for OBGY(Tightening Vaginal)

Whitening/skin tightening and Tattoo removal machines most advanced and advantageous features with Nd:YAG Laser technology with Eraser-K( Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser) Special for remove Melesma, Ota Nevus, Epidermal Nevi

General Surgery, Dentistry, Back spot with Co2 Laser Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine with

Eraser-Cell (TUBE, Glass Fractional CO2 ­­ laser System), Eraser-C (Glass CO2 Laser System), Up300 (Glass Co2 Laser) and new Q-Switched Alexander, etc.

?We also provide other laser machines, Hifu, Aqua machines, Co2 Fractional Laser, Professional skin cooling & multifunctional beauty equipment with international standards with OEM and ODM services.

2016 Dubai Derma (Dubai Intl Convention & Exhibition Centre)

Place:Dubai/ Arab
Date: Apirl. 12 ~ 14, 2016

Meditech.co.Ltd . Stand No.: Confirm later

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